BedRock News 2010

Victoria Colourbration 2010


BedRock decided to take alpacas across the country to attend Victoria Colourbration in Bendigo. Having learnt some of the ropes on the Sydney Royal trip, we took a couple of weeks off to head east into the cold on a camping trip. All things alpaca were packed in the float, and with our gear packed in the car we drove off leaving the children at home with relies. We decided that once we left Norseman there would be no turning back,(until Adelaide where Tara could always catch a flight home.) Turns out we had car troubles at Madura and spent 24 hours waiting for parts in Eucla before we could continue! I am still trying to work out why we kept heading east rather than turning around towards home. I guess we had no thought that we wouldn't make Bendigo. With 24 hours taken out of our shedule it was going to be tricky getting to the grounds in time for the show. A bit of night work and an appreciation of what we were doing, got us there safely with time to spare.

The Colourbration format is something to be seen. With 548 animals participating , it is hard to explain dozens and dozens of animals, all of one colour, lining up to be judged in their show. The pens of breeders who specialize in certain colours, also made a great spectacle.

Victoria colourbration is the largest Coloured Alpaca show in Australia and the third largest Alpaca show in Australia. We both enjoyed the Show and Sale format and the large numbers of enthusiastic breeders who were in attendance. (It is also kind of nice to just be an exhibitor and not involved in any part of the organizing aspect!)

Results for BedRock were a surprise. From five animals shown we received three firsts and one second. Concept went on to win Supreme Medium Fawn, and Concise Champion Female Brown. To then take an award for Best Sale Pen capped a fantastic weekend / two weeks away.




Winter Colourbration 2010


In a first for Western Australia the Canningvale Winter show converted to the Colourbration concept. With a record number of 350 animals, our region showed it's support of this format. Congratulations to all the organizers in putting on such a large event at the canine association. Bill Robbins judged fleeces and animals over three days in sometimes trying conditions.

With a team of Suri's, Huacayas and various colours BedRock had some outstanding results. Six animals for three firsts, one second and two thirds. Two animals then went on to take Supreme of their colour. We were very happy to say the least, and enjoyed the change of format.

Sadly WV Eaglehawk died the following week, having taken a blue in White Mature male at Colourbration, and Champion Mature Male at Whiteman Park previously. We only have three girls confirmed pregnant to him.



Coricancha Sale 2010


Benoit told us at Sydney Royal that they were dispersing the Coricancha stud due to ill health and a desire to do other things. This is after many years in the industry. We had a little bit to do with these guys over the years, and it was sad to see a dispersal of their herd. It provided however, an opportunity to acquire new lines into our breeding program. Tara and I attended, looking for certain types of females, young and old, which we thought would either complement our males, or add something to our breeding program. The catalogue was presented by maternal line, therefore grouping families and showcasing Coricanchas' own breeding philosophies. We ended up purchasing four females on the day.

- Gemstone is an Alessio female and Granddaughter of WV Diamond who is known as Coricanchas best female.

- Alondra is also an Alessio female with Auzengate as her Grand dam. She is also the dam of Sergio who won Reserve Champion Senior Male at Sydney Royal that year.

- Chinchera and Adelgonda. Two fine, soft Iceman females with strong backgrounds rounded of our female purchases for the day. Both these girls remained in the east to be joined to other males.

In a move not planned, Tara also decided that purchasing Sergio would be a great idea. We didn't go to the sale looking for males however are very proud to own this male. We look forward to using him in our herd.

Stud Males


Whiteman Park 2010


In early winter of each year, BedRock always ventures to the the Whiteman Park Show held in a large marquee, to the north of town. A short fleece show, this is generally a well attended regional event with around 250 animals and 100 odd fleeces. A few weeks after returning from Sydney Royal - minus two of our better animals, we took a small team to make the most of the weekend. Two firsts a third and Champion Mature male to WV Eaglehawk was a very pleasing result. Once again a great time was enjoyed by all, including the BedRock crew.



Sydney Royal 2010


In what we hope will be the first of many trips to the east, BedRock ventured to the Royal Easter show with Jenny Jackson of Banksia Park and Sue Leitch of Brookwood Alpacas. The 8000 kilometre round trip, including the nullarbor, was certainly a fabulous way to spend a couple of weeks away. It has reminded me of my love of driving - and alpacas provide the excuse needed to get out and about. I can now boost to having driven the effy for quite a considerable time, including one occasion with jjj in the back seat having a snooze. (Sue is my witness) We also saw no wildlife according to the rules of the trip! I had a great time and thank Jenny and Sue for a fantastic time. I hope to be invited back, but we will wait and see.

The show itself was an excellent experience, rating behind the national as being Australia's finest. Staying on the grounds, and the involvement with other passionate alpaca breeders was great. BedRock exhibited 6 animals in very competitive classes which included the best studs in Australia. Our return of five ribbons, including a first to Licola in Intermediate Fawn Female, a second to Richon in Adult Female, and a second to Sentinel in Junior White Male was a great outcome. (The first place getter in Sentinels class went on to win Supreme at Sydney and the National.)

It is here that Benoit informed us of the upcoming Coricancha sale, and where Sergio was awarded Senior Male Reserve Champion. This got Tara and myself thinking about the possibility to infuse new genetics into our herd.

It was also at Sydney that we began negotiating the sale of Sentinel to Bronwyn and Andrew of Alpha Centauri. Good luck to you with the boy. A BG Centurion Male from WV Summer Snow,( who is also the dam of WB Prince John), I expect him to play a big part in your future breeding program.

There is no doubt we will be doing this trip again. Thanks again to Sue and Jenny.



Three New Stud Males at BedRock

Peppermint Pool Chad

Peppermint Pool Chad was purchased last year - in partnership with Goldleaf Alpacas. A rare Highlander male to come on the market, not to mention a Supreme winner, this male will add another dimension to our breeding program. Chad is an upstanding male putting excellent attributes into his offspring. BedRock will have their first cria in January 2011.

Windsong Valley Eaglehawk

Eaglehawk is a BG Centurion male from the lovely WV Feathers, an Iceman female from the Anushka / Jacinta line. With Dense, Even, Highly Structured fleece type, this male is not only genetically superior but also has all the attributes. We will be taking Eagle to Whiteman, so fingers crossed for the show ring!!

Windsong Valley Crown Prince

Crown Prince is a Prince John male, from Dream Maiden - a Ledgers girl with Royal Inca and Ice Star in her background. A very typey male, Prince should add softness, luster and fineness to his offspring. This is based on his pedigree, which includes Sonoma on his paternal side.

Details of BedRock males are available on the Stud Male Link.Stud Male link.

February 2010


BedRock News 2009


Supreme Champion Suri at Albany - 2009

BedRock again ventured south to Albany to catch up with friends and family and complete the show season before shearing... To be awarded two Championships and Supreme Suri with our Junior Fawn boy was obviously an excellent acheivement. The judge commented that she 'couldn't go past the Junior Boy'. Showing beautiful lustre, structure and evenness, Concept really looked the part on the day. A few quite ales later, and we were pleased with our mating choice and happy we had repeated it for the next year. Having retired Concept's dam Certina from showing, (after her Reserve Champion award at the national show) it was pleasing to see her offspring do so well at the very next show.

One of our stud males, Windsong Valley Sultan took out Champion Mature Male, which is testament to how well he is holding up given his work within our herd. In particular, Sultan is keeping his fineness and structure, whilst maintaining lovely handle. Years ago,an astute judge, talking about fleece, said - 'if it feels nice it probably is.' Thats what sets good alpaca apart from other alpaca, and other fibre.

October 2009



National Show 2009

The National Show is a big ask for Western Australian breeders to attend. BedRock decided to send animals on the group truck organised by Banksia Park. We then flew ( cattle class) to Adelaide to join our animals which arrived safe and sound a few days after leaving. - I must say there was a bit of relief when the truck covers were opened to reveal all the very happy alpacas within!. Others from the west drove with animals, some more reliably than others.( Apparently) it is a must do trip and adventure. Personally i loved the inflight entertainment and beer on Qantas - not to mention the three days less it took me. The show itself was a great event organised for the first time by the South Australians. The facility was fantastic and the two judges got through a record number of animals on the judging days. BedRock won a reserve Champion with Certina, who is now retired from the show ring so that she can concentrate on having babies. Congratulations to the organisers of the show and particular thanks go to the Banksia Park crew for helping out BedRock during the week.

November 2009

Perth Royal Show 2009

Perth Royal time is always a busy time for us. School holidays, a bit of organising, and a show team to exhibit. We were again rewarded with ribbons to all animals exhibited, plus a couple in fleeces including a Champion to Hypnotist in the 48-60 month category. Hypo is certainly making a mark on our herd. While maintaining all the attributes himself, he is passing on excellent characteristics to his offspring. One of his sons - Nitro, won champion at the winter show, while Licola placed second to the champion in the junior class. We really are finding that this boy is giving us great finish, on his progeny.

October 2009


Winter Show - Canningvale 2009

Two weeks in Bali for the Ravenhill family prior to the Winter show, had us feeling relaxed (but wishing I was somewhere else) during setup and preparation! Sun, sea, sights and Bintang were certainly on Chris's mind for a day or two, whilst the rest of our crew remained on holiday.

It was however worth cutting a well earned holiday a few days short as our second Hypnotist cria took out Junior Champion Male and Certina another Championship. Bali seemed a (slight) distant memory as Certina's full sister - BedRock Concise took a blue ribbon in her first show and Licola a third to the Champion and Reserve in the junior female category. Licola is a very special white female in our herd, ( from WV Hypnotist and Bedrock Maydena). We have high hopes for this young girl in our future breeding program. Richon won another first place in the Intermediate Female Category to comec plete a great day of showing for BedRock.

July 2009


Thanks to Bob at the Countryman


Whiteman Park Show 2009

Whiteman Park was again the venue for the 2009 Autumn Show. This is no doubt the most popular event on the showing caleder due to the venue, timeframe and feel of the whole weekend. A big thanks to the organising commitee for another well run show.

BedRock had excellent results over the weekend. WV Hypnotist had his first cria in the ring 'Sarai', a junior white female, and 'Nitro', a junior light brown male. Sarai was awarded third place (to the champion and reserve champion) in a very nice class of girls. Nitro was awarded second in his class. We are very pleased that these progeny are starting to show there quality in the show ring. In other results, Richon and Kaida both got blues, Marrakech third and the suri Certina, another Champion Senior Female. Seven animals, six ribbons and a champion. BedRock had a great Whiteman Park 2009.

Thanks to our son Daniel for helping Tara over the weekend. He did a great job.

April 2009



As with the arrival of 'Hypos' first cria we had been waiting patiently for Sultan to have his first offspring. Congratulations to Brett and Kelly of Goldleaf for 'winning' that race. Still wondering how that could be? We hope you are pleased with your result.

Sultan covered the portion of our herd that didn't get mated to 'Hypnotist'. During February we have had a number of promising looking cria, all solid white out of different lines (genetically) of females. They are distinctive in type, well boned, lustrous and beginning to show good fleece characteristics. We believe they will grow out as quality animals. These cria will be shown at the 2009 Perth Royal.

February 2009



BedRock News 2008



Albany Show is an opportunity for the 'Ravenhills' to go south with the alpacas and catch up with family and friends. This year due to business and family commitments in Perth, Tara was left home with a couple of children and Jay headed south with his father to help. It was good for us to get away and 'bond', as you can so easily with your teenagers these days. (not!) Thanks mate for your excellent help, and you still owe me thirty five bucks for dinner.

BedRock Certina once again took out Champion Senior Female Suri which is testament to the quality this 'medium brown' girl. We wait patiently for her first cria which is due February 2009.

November 2008



BedRock were back in the show ring at the Perth Royal after missing the Winter show in Canningvale due to Show commitments. With a couple of Suris a few Junior Huacayas, and some fleece entries we participated in all areas! Our team didn't let us down, collecting nice place ribbons, three Champions, and one Reserve Champion. We were extremely pleased with these results given the record number of entries at the show, and the large classes which assembled. It was nice to be awarded Champion Junior Female Huacaya to 'Richon', who was out of a female bought from Cinderella. Thanks and congratulations go to Frances and Dave. See our results section for all BedRock results.

The Royal itself was a great success with a change to the format enabling judging to take place over two and a half days. Whilst not perfect for all concerned, we felt it gave the two judges sufficient time to assess all the animals in an appropriate manner, given the large numbers.

Congratulations to all exhibitors and helpers over the week, who made the show a success.

October 2008



The West Australian September 29 2008




BedRock purchased Hypnotist in 2006 from the Windsong herd. A son of Jolimont Warrior out of a Royal Inca Female we felt this boy would compliment our breeding program nicely. Joined to about half of our females, it has been a long twelve months waiting for his first offspring to arrive. Lady Victoria, one of our top females, and full sister to Prince John, hasn't disappointed with a solid white female 'Sarai' born in May. She has all the attributes and we intend to show her at Whiteman Park in 2009. Breeding alpaca certainly is a long term proposition when you look at the time frames involved!

June 2008

BedRock Sarai & Winterbrook Lady Victoria - February 2009

Sarai & Lady


BedRock News 2007



BedRock Alpaca owners were ecstatic to see their young female Bedrock Captiva (W.) take out Reserve Champion Junior Female Huacaya at this years Albany Show. Captiva was placed Reserve in the Junior Females to Swan Valley Juanita who went on to take out the Supreme Huacaya title.

Captiva is the daughter of BedRock Berlina, herself a multiple champion, and Winterbrook Prince John who has sired numerous Champion animals. She has a silky soft fleece style with excellent fleece length and defined bundles. BedRock have high expectations of this young female, as part of their future breeding program.




BedRock Certina showed that she has what it takes, winning 1st place in the 12-18 Months Female Brown Suri Class at the recent 2007 Melbourne National Show.

This capped off a great year for Certina having won Reserve Champion at both the inaugural Ascot Show and Albany Shows.




Bedrock showed the quality of their up and coming Herd Sire
"Windsong Valley Sultan", taking out the Reserve Champion Adult Male Huacaya at this years "2007 PERTH ROYAL SHOW"