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BedRock For Sale - Males

BedRock have an excellent range of young males coming through. All with Windsong Valley genetics, these boys are sure to impress. Prices are very competitive for quality genetics and type. Feel free to call for further details on males sired by Prince John, Iceman, Hypnotist, Kenjiro, Taboo, and Andean Moon ( Suri ). With 12 years of top genetics used in our herd, all animals have excellent lineage.


BedRock Maloo - Certified SW Male from WV Taboo and BedRock Berlina.

BedRock Shimano - SW Male from WV Kenjiro and BedRock Kayla.

BedRock Nitro - Certified Light Brown Male from WV Hypnotist and BedRock Possum.

WV Crown Prince - Certified SW Male from Winterbrook Prince John and WV Dream Maiden.

WV Sultan - Certified SLF Male from Iceman. Championship winner. Sire of quality BedRock progeny.

BedRock Concept (Suri) - Certified SDF Male from BedRock Certina and Andean Moon. Winner of Supreme Suri - Albany 2009 and Two Colourbration Supremes - Victoria and Winter